To access the location list, click on Menu/Admin/Warehouse.

Location navigation

Each warehouse can have multiple locations. Locations can be any designated storage space in the warehouse, such as

  1. Bin location

  2. Shelf slot for palettes

  3. Floor space

From the location list, click on a location to see its details.

Location details

Warehouse information includes a reference number, warehouse name, and description. The description is helpful when a single SKU is stored at different locations within the warehouse.

Warehouses are often divided into sections. Trayse Inventory has the following default names:

  1. Zone

  2. Aisle

  3. Section

  4. Row

  5. Bin

This list is hierarchical so a Zone can contain many Aisles and an Aisle can contact many Sections, etc. The location name is calculated and not displayed on the layout. The location name is calculated from the default names.

An example of a location definition

That might look like the following:

Location Rows and Bins

During the set up of Trayse Inventory, this should be modified to fit your particular needs.


Presumably, the location information is seldom edited. Therefore, you may want to limit access to this and other Admin layouts.