Purchase Order Header

Purchase Order header data
Header data is on the left side of the layout, taking up 1/3 of the layout. It consists of the following fields:
PO Number - The Purchase Order number. This value is created automatically. Order numbers are prepended with two or three letters, followed by sequential numbering. If an order is deleted (see article on deleting records), then that order number will be reused. To prevent the number from being reused, cancel the order instead of deleting it.
The PO Number can also be seen along the top, secondary section of the layout.
Purchase Order number
Status - The status of the Purchase Order. This value is created automatically, depending on the current process (see article on Purchase Order process buttons). Statuses are:
New - not yet sent to the vendor. Released - sent to the vendor but not yet received. Partially Received - some but not all items have been received from the vendor. Received - all items have been received from the vendor. Paid - indicates the vendor has been paid. This status is only available when connecting Trayse Inventory to your accounting system. Canceled - order canceled and not expected to be receive. The status can also be seen along the top, secondary section of the layout.
Purchase Order status
Receipt - A link to the latest receipt record. A Purchase Order may be received over multiple shipments from the vendor. A list of previous receipts can be viewed by clicking the Receipt History button in the More section at the top of the layout. The field is blank until the Purchase Order is received or partially received.
Vendor - The name of the vendor to whom this order will be sent.
Allow Backorder - Indicates that the Purchase Order will remain in an open state (i.e. Released or Partially Received), even if the vendor has a stockout and cannot fulfill the order in the time expected. (For vendor lead time, see the Vendor information from the Item layout). -
Drop Ship? - This order will be sent to your customer directly from the vendor. It will not be received in your warehouse. When "Yes" is selected, the receiving warehouse is replaced by a field for the customer's name.
Radio button displays the drop ship status
Clicking inside this field will open a selector window. Click on the customer for this drop ship order.
Select a customer
After a customer is selected, an information icon appears.
Information button reveals data about this customer
Clicking on this icon will open the customer's address. The address is prepopulated from the customer's record on the Company layout. The address fields are editable in the event you want to change the where the drop ship should go.
Display customer info on the Purchase Order layout
Warehouse - The receiving warehouse for this order. This is a required field, unless the order is a Drop Ship.
Confirmation Code - The confirmation code the vendor supplies. This is optional.
Contact - The contact for the vendor company. The name is entered automatically when selecting a vendor. Each company on the Company layout has a contact person. This person is added to any order for that company. The field is editable so a different name can be added. This will not change the name on that vendor's record in the Company layout.
Created On - Date and time on which this order was created in Trayse Inventory. This field is automatically populated.
Ordered On - Date on which the order was sent to the vendor. This field will be automatically populated when a user clicks the "Release to Vendor" button in the process button section on the bottom of the layout. The field is editable for manual modifications.
Expected On - Date the vendor promises to deliver the goods.
Created By - Name of the logged in user who created the Purchase Order. This field is automatically populated.