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Assembly Dependent Orders

Items required to purchase or build for this assembly
Dependent Orders are those items that need to be purchased from a vendor or subassemblies that need to be built before the final assembly can be created. Fields include:
BOM Level - the level this item occupies in the Bill of Material tree.
SKU - the Stock Keeping Unit of the item in the Bill of Material tree that does not have enough units to complete the assembly.
Parent SKU - the immediate parent item of the current SKU.
Procurement Type - "Buy" for raw materials and "Build" for subassemblies.
Lead Time (Days) - the number of days it will take to receive this item. Partial days can be written as a decimal (e.g. .33, .5, .75, etc.).
Need to Fulfill - the quantity required to buy or build. This takes into consideration any available quantities that already exist in your stock. For example, if an item requires 100 units and you currently have 25 units in stock, the Need to Fulfill is 75 units.

Need to Fulfill Clarification

If a parent item has enough available quantity on the shelf and/or to make the subassembly, then those children items will not be included in the Dependent Order. This greatly helps reduce unnecessary stock purchases.
BOM Tree focus on LIDO-HYD-41
For example, in this above image, these four SKUs show a positive NTF (Need to Fulfill) quantity: LEVE-75, DIET-HYD38, ALUM-CHL-87, and PHEN-HYD-32. These are parts of the subassembly LIDO-HYD-41. And since LIDO-HYD-41 has enough units on the shelf and/or enough materials in stock to assemble more units, then those child items (i.e. LIDO-HYD-41 Bill of Material items) do not need to be ordered. Therefore, they are not included in the Dependent Order.