Purchase Order Process

Purchase Order process buttons
The process section on the bottom of the Purchase Order layout contains 5 options:
Release to Vendor - This creates a PDF that can be sent to the vendor. Only available when the order status = "New". This process also updates the quantity values to indicate that the line items are now On Order and makes a transaction record.
Processed Purchase Order creates an On Order quantity
A transaction record is created
Print Preview - This creates a PDF but it does not update the item's On Order quantity, nor does it create a transaction record. Print Preview is always available, regardless of the order status.
Receive - Creates a receipt record for receiving these goods. The receipt reference number will be visible in the header section to the left, with a left carat to navigate to that receipt record.
The image below shows a receipt that has been received and therefore has a receipt reference number. Next to it is a new invoice that has not yet been received and therefore does not have any value in the Receipt field.
Purchase Order on left has been received
Edit - This is a customization option if you need to edit an order after it has been released to the vendor. For more information, contact New Leaf Data, LLC to discuss your particular business rules for this process.
Cancel - Cancels the Purchase Order. An order cannot be canceled once it has been received or partially received.