Store important documents inside Trayse Inventory. Documents can be added from the following layouts:
  • Assembly Order
  • Company
  • Estimate Order
  • Invoice
  • Item
  • Lot
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipt
  • Return Order
  • Sales Order
  • Ship
  • Transfer Order
Documents belong to some part of the inventory process. Therefore, they can only be entered within that process, using one of the layouts above. For this reason, a document cannot be uploaded via the Document layout since it needs to be connected with another part of the inventory process.
Document Details
Documents have a dedicated layout. Like other record data in Trayse Inventory, these records can be viewed as a list or as a detailed view. When viewing the details of a document, Trayse Inventory will display an interactive version of that document. That means that you'll be able to see images and view the contents of PDFs. Displaying documents requires additional computing resources and you may experience a slight lag when viewing a document, particularly if it is large.
Documents detail
Navigation is possible to the related record. In the example above, the left caret icon will take the user to the Assembly Order AO10002.
Documents can be exported to the user's machine. A dialog will appear, asking the user where to download the document.
Documents via Related Records
Documents can be added via the layouts above. Click the More.../Document button to access the related documents.
Accessing the Documents module from Sales Order layout
If related documents already exist, as it does for the next example, then a list of documents will be displayed.
List of Documents for an Assembly Order
Users can navigate to the document details from within the list. Users can also delete the document from the list.