Pick Line

Presumed Location - The picking location for this item. This is where the item should be, according to the Item record. Click the arrow icon to confirm the actual location is the same as the presumed location.
Actual Location - The actual location from which the item was picked. You can change this location as needed, in the event that the item was picked from a different location than presumed.
SKU - The unique stock keeping unit for this item.
Ordered - Quantity ordered and therefore the quantity that should be picked.
Serials - If the item is serialized, then a button will appear. Clicking the button will display a place to put the serial numbers. If the numbers were selected during the Sales Order, then this field will be populated with those serial numbers. Otherwise, it will be blank, waiting for the picker to add the serial numbers.
Lots - The lot number that was selected when adding the record on the Sales Order.
Picking an item with serial numbers