Estimate Order Process

The process section on the bottom of the Estimate Order layout contains 5 options:

Submit to Customer - This creates a PDF that can be sent to the customer. Only available when the order status = "New". Note that inventory quantities (On Hand, Allocated, Available, On Order, and On Backorder) are not changed during an Estimate Order. No Transaction records are created during the course of an Estimate Order. The order can still be modified after submission depending upon customer negotiations.

Print Preview - This creates the same PDF as above. Print Preview is always available, regardless of the order status.

Create Sales Order - Creates a Sales Order with the identical header and line information. Once this happens, the Estimate Order can no longer be edited. The Sales Order can be quickly accessed by clicking the left carat icon next to the Sales Order field.

An equivalent link navigates from the Sales Order back to the Estimate Order.

Mark as Rejected - The customer rejected the estimate and no other negotiations are expected. Once this happens, the Estimate Order can no longer be edited.

Cancel - Cancels the Estimate Order. An order cannot be canceled once it has been accepted or rejected. Contact New Leaf Data, LLC to discuss your particular business rules for canceled estimates.

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