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Item Quantities

Knowing the quantity of your inventory is at the heart of an inventory management solution. Trayse Inventory makes it easy to track your item's quantities. Trayse Inventory tracks 5 different quantity fields: On Hand = The total quantity you have in your possession. Allocated = The quantity promised to a customer or build. Available = The quantity you can promise to a future customer or build. Available equals On Hand minus Allocated. On Order = The quantity you have ordered from a vendor. On Backorder = The quantity you are unable to fulfill to a customer; this is also known as a stockout.
The values in the layout sub-header represent the totals for those fields.
Quantity fields for all warehouses
To see a breakdown of where those quantities are exactly, go to More, Quantity.
Accessing quantity data for an item.
Here, you can see the same quantity fields, organized by warehouse and location within a warehouse. In this example, there are two warehouses. Each warehouse has a variety of locations where this item exists.
Item quantities by location and warehouse.
The quantities update automatically. But there may be times when you need to make a manual adjustment. To do that, click on the pencil icon. Every manual adjustment requires a reason for the adjustment.
Making a manual adjustment to an item quantity location.
You can delete a location for a given quantity. For obvious reasons, you may want to limit who has access to this feature.


Trayse Inventory allows for several locations within a single warehouse. One example of this usage is when you receive goods and store them in a place that is not used for picking. In that case, the SKU will exist in the storage location and the picking location. The picking location will be depleted over time and you would use the items in the storage location to replenish the picking location. To set this up in Trayse Inventory requires a source location (in our example, the storage location) and a target location (the picking bin). The storage location is set in the Manage Locations layout and discussed in that article.
In this window, the checkbox indicates the target location. In other words, the picking bin is running low, please fill it. Checking on this checkbox will create a new Replenishment record.
Marking an item for replenishment
Finally, you manage the locations of an item by clicking the Manage Location button on the lower left of the window. See the Manage Location video for more on this feature.