Sales Order Line

Sales Order line
SKU - The Stock Keeping Unit identifier for an item.
Item - The name of the item.
Lot or Serial - If an item is serialized or if an item is a lot, then the letter "S" or "L" will appear here. This gives a visual indication to the user that more data entry may be required in the line detail layout. Note that the default behavior in Trayse Inventory is for the serial number to be entered at the time of picking.
Ordered - The quantity that was ordered by the customer. If the warehouse does not have enough available quantity to fulfill an order, it will appear in italics and red.
Picked - The quantity picked.
Price - The price of the item. This is set on the Item layout.
Discount - A discount for the item. A discount can also be given on the Sales Order as a whole (see Sales Order Header article). A discount can be give by percentage or monetary value. The value is set in the line edit layout.
Line Total - The quantity ordered multiplied by the price after discount. Note that due to space, the price after discount is not shown in the line. However, it can be viewed in the line edit layout.

Adding a Line

To add a line to the Sales Order, click on the green Add button under the line box (technically, this is called a portal).
Sales Order add line
This will bring up a list of items. You can filter the list by entering the SKU at the top.
Sales Order select SKU
Hover over an SKU to view the totals.
SKU hover totals
To chose an item, click on the Select button and enter the quantity in the window.
Enter SKU quantity


If an item has lots, then you'll first need to click on the Lots icon. That will display all the available lots for that item. The select button is visible on that lot layout.
Sales Order lot


Some items also have substitutes and upsells. A substitute is an item that is similar to the one you're selecting. In case the one you're selecting isn't available (a.k.a. a stockout), then you can offer to sell the customer the substitute item instead. To see a list of substitutes, click the Subs button.


An upsell is an item that would go well with the one you are selling. For example, if you are selling a trombone, you might want to sell a music stand as well. (And maybe even ear plugs).
Sales Order substitute and upset
Substitutes and Upsells are added to an item via the Item layout.
To close the selection window, click the Close button at the bottom-right of the layout. Alternatively, you can also press the Escape button.

Editing a Line

To edit a line, click the three horizontal dots at the end of the line and choose Edit. See the article on View-Edit-Delete for detail information.
Sales Order edit line