Replenishment is and internal movement from one location (usually a storage locatoin) to another location within the same warehouse. Consider the example of an item that is purchased in bulk but picked in small units. The company may order and receive that item in boxes on pallets and store them somewhere in the warehouse. The picking bin for that item is in a different part of the facility where pickers only need a single box at a time and do not need access all the boxes on the pallets.
Pallets of boxes stored in the warehouse
Picking the item in smaller units
At some point, the pickers will run out of boxes they can pick to fulfill an order and must request the warehouse to pull more boxes from the pallets and deliver them to the picking location. In Trayse Inventory, this is handled via Replenishment.
Replenishment starts with managed locations
Replensihment starts with managed locations. On the Item layout, More... button and locations, select a location that will be the source of replenishment. This will usually be the Putaway location.
Locations that are marked as Putaway AND Picking do not need replensihment.
To mark an item for replensihment, go to the Item layout, More... button and Quantity. This time, the Replenishment checkbox displays on the picking location. To request a replenishment, check the box.
Replenishment unchecked
Replenishment checked
To see a list of items that need to be replenished, go the Menu/Replenishment
Using the menu to navigate to Replenishment
Once on the Replenishment list, find the item to be replenished and confirm the source location and quantity. Once the item has been replenished, click the Replenish button in the list to update the inventory quantities.
Replenishment list