Duplicating Records

There are three ways to duplicate a record from the Detail View of most modules.
  • In the Trayse Inventory menu set, click the Duplicate button at the top.
Duplicating a record using the Trayse Inventory menu set.
  • In the Application menu, go to Record/Duplicate_ (in this example, Record/Duplicate Purchase Order).
Duplicating a record using the FileMaker menu set.
  • Use the quick keys Control+D for Windows and Command+D for Mac.
The Duplicate option is only available in detail view.

Knowing What Is Duplicated

Duplicating a record will duplicate the current record only and not any related records. For example, when duplicating a Sales Order, a new record will be created with the same header information as the original Sales Order, but it will not have any of the original line items. Related data is sometimes referred to as child records. Duplication applies only to the parent record and not the child records.
The header information (also called the parent record) may contain aggregate information based on the line items. For example, the Sales Order has a subtotal and a grand total. Since the line data is not duplicated, this information does not appear in the newly duplicated record.
If you want the header and line data duplicated, you may be better off with a custom template. Contact New Leaf Data, LLC for more information at support at newleafdata dot com