Assembly Header

Assembly Order header
Header data is on the left side of the layout, taking up 1/3 of the layout. It consists of the following fields:
Assembly Number - The Assembly Order number. This value is created automatically. Order numbers are prepended with two or three letters, followed by sequential numbering. If an order is deleted (see article on deleting records), then that order number will be reused. To prevent the number from being reused, cancel the order instead of deleting it.
The Assembly Number can also be seen along the top, secondary section of the layout.
Assembly Order number
Sales Order Number - The Sales Order that initiated (or created) this Assembly Order. This number is optional as an Assembly Order can also be created from the Item layout. See separate article on Creating an Assembly Order.
SKU - The stock keeping unit (SKU) of the item that is to be assembled.
Qty to Assembly - The number of units to assemble.
Unit of Measure - The unit of measure of the item to assemble.
Lot Number - The lot number (or batch number) of this build. By default, this value is manually entered. Contact New Leaf Data, LLC to automate this field according to your lot sequence.
Warehouse - The warehouse into which the assembled item will be received. Materials for the assembly also come from this warehouse. If some assembly items come from another warehouse, a Transfer Order for those items must be created and received.
Sched to Start - The date that this assembly is scheduled to start.
Expected Date - The date that this assembly is scheduled to be received.