Both customers and vendors are listed in the Company layout. As such, a company can be marked as either a customer or a vendor or both.

Reference Number - The company reference number.

Company - Name of the company.

Contact - The full name of the contact at the company. To edit the first name or last name (or both), click the pencil icon to the right of the contact name. Changing the contact name does not alter the contact name on existing orders (e.g. Purchase Order, Estimate Orders, Sales Orders, etc.).

Title - The title or position of the contact person.

Customer | Vendor - A checkbox to indicate if this company is a customer or a vendor. A company can be both.

Phone - Primary - The primary phone number to reach this company. This can be the contact's phone or the company phone.

Phone - Secondary - A secondary phone to reach this company.

Email - The contact's email address.

URL - The company's website address.

Fax - The company's fax number.


You can store two addresses for each company:

  1. Billing Address

  2. Shipping Address

In addition to a shipping address, you can select the preferred shipping courier for this customer.

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