Item Assembly Info

Related data for an assembly can be viewed on the Item layout. To view this data from the Item layout, go to More.... In the extended menu option, there is an Assembly section at the bottom.
Assembly section of the item data
The options are as follows:
BOM - The Bill of Materials for this item. You can add, edit, and delete the BOM items that make up this item. You can also navigate to a BOM item. The BOM only displays one level.
Bill of Materials (BOM) for this item.
Where Used - All the items where this item is used. You can navigate to the that item.
Indicates that TBO-72 is a BOM item for DOXA-MES-07.
BOM Tree - A multi-level BOM. This provides the most comprehensive view of the item assembly, quantity required for the assembly, available quantity that can be used for the assembly, the quantity needed to fulfill (NTF), and lead time.
Entire Bill of Materials Tree for this item (also known as multi-level BOM).
Build Tasks - A lists of processes that are required to assemble this item.
Tasks required for the assembly of this item.