Item Serial Numbers

You can manage serialize items in Trayse Inventory. To see an item's serial numbers, go to More, Serial.

Note that this option is only available for items that are marked as serialized items. Non-serialize items will see an inactive button for Serial Numbers.

Serial numbers are organized by warehouse and location.

The list displays all the serial numbers, Receipt reference, date, and value at the time which it entered your warehouse Allocation reference; this can be a reference to a Pick, a Sales Order, or a Transfer Order. Shipping reference, date, and value at the time it left your warehouse.

You can view a barcode for the serial number. Note that the barcode is currently based on the serial number. It's possible for a different item from a different vendor to have the same barcode. Contact New Leaf Data about customization options.

You can view the barcode settings by clicking the Open Settings button on the lower left. After making modifications, you can Close the window Close the settings Return to the Serial Number list.

You can modify the serial number by clicking the pencil icon and delete the serial number altogether using the x icon. You may want to limit who has access to these features.

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