Pick Header

Pick header
Reference Number - The reference number of this pick record.
Status - Status of the Pick. See the Pick Status article for a description of the various statuses.
Order Type - The type of order that generated this pick. A pick record can be generated by a variety of orders, including: Assembly Order, Loan Order, Sales Order, Transfer Order, etc.
Order - The reference number of the order record that generated this pick. To navigate to that order, click on the left carat icon.
Ship - The Ship record reference number. This is initially empty, until the pick has been Released to Shipping (see Pick Processes article). To navigate to the ship record, click on the left carat icon.
Warehouse - The warehouse from which this order was picked.
Created On - Timestamp of when this Pick record was created.
Picked On - Date of when the items were picked. An order might be picked on a different day from when the pick record was created.
Picker - Person who picked the items.
Created By - Person who created the pick record.