Estimate Order Header

Estimate Order header

Estimate Number - The estimate reference number

Status - An estimate order can have one of 5 statuses:

New - The estimate order has been created but not yet sent to the customer.

Submitted - The estimate has been sent to the customer.

Accepted - The customer has accepted the estimate.

Rejected - The customer has rejected the estimate.

Canceled - The estimate has been canceled.

Sales Order - The sales order reference number. This field is blank until an estimate is converted into a sales order.

Customer - The company that is purchasing goods from you.

Contact - The main contact person at your customer's company. This field will auto-populate with the person listed on the company's record in the Company layout. The field is modifiable, so you'll be able to change that name, if needed.

Warehouse - The warehouse that will supply this order, if it should turn into a sale.

Created On - Date and time when this estimate order was created.

Created By - Staff member who created this estimate.

Line Aggregates

Some of the header data is on the lower right of the layout and aggregates the line records:

Subtotal Items - Aggregate total of the Line Total.

Discount - A discount for all the lines. There are several things to note about discounts:

  • Discounts can be at the line level, the order level, or both.

  • Discounts can be either a percentage or a monetary value.

Subtotal after Discount - Subtotal Items field minus the Discount field.

Handling - Handling fee. Note that the Handling fee comes before taxes and is presumed to be taxable. If this is not the case in your situation, contact support for modification.

Tax - Sales tax for the order.

Shipping - Shipping fee. Note that the Shipping fee comes after taxes and is presumed to be non-taxable. If this is not the case in your situation, contact support for modification

Grand Total - Grand Total. Note that the Grand Total value is also located on the upper right of the layout as well.