Estimate Order Line

Estimate Order line items
SKU - SKU for the item.
Item - Item name.
Ordered - Quantity ordered.
Price - Price of the item. This value is set on the Item layout. Note that if you change the price (see View, Edit, Delete), this will not update the price on the Item layout. The price is only changed on that particular line. Nor does changing the price on one line (e.g. on an Estimate Order) change the price an any other line for any other customer (e.g. the same SKU on a Sales Order for a different customer). Finally, changing the price on the Item will not update that SKU on any existing lines (Estimate Order Lines, Sales Order Lines, Invoice Lines, etc.). Changing the price on the Item layout will, however, have that new price on any new lines created.
Discount - A discount for that line item. There are several things to note about discounts:
  • Discounts can be at the line level, the order level, or both.
  • Discounts can be either a percentage or a monetary value.
Line Total - ( Quantity x Price ) - Discount.

View, Edit, Delete

A line can be viewed, edited, or deleted while the status is "New". The line can only be viewed for all other statuses. To access View, Edit, and Delete, click on the ellipsis icon at the right of the line. For more information, see the View, Edit, Delete support article.
Line button to access View, Edit, and Delete
View, Edit, and Delete an Estimate Order Line

Adding a Line

To add a line to the estimate order, click on the green "Add" button below the line items.
Adding a new line to an Estimate Order