Item Vendors

You may have inventory items that are supplied by multiple vendors. To manage an item's vendors, go to More...Vendors.

Every item can be supplied by multiple vendors. To add a new vendor, click the Add button on the lower-left of the window. To edit a vendor, click the pencil icon. And to delete a vendor, click the x icon. You may want to restrict who can perform these functions.

Item Vendor fields:

Vendor - the name of the vendor.

Vendor's Item Code - the code the vendor gives to this product. It may be different then the code you assign to the product.

Min. Purch Qty - Minimum purchase quantity this vendor requires.

Min. Purch Qty Converted - A conversion from the unit of measure in which you must purchase and the unit of measure in which you sell. For example, a vendor may require you to purchase one case and you sell by the unit. This field stores the number of units in a case for that vendor. Note that vendor's may use the same unit but have different quantities that make up the unit. In the example data, Bubblebox requires a purchase of one case and their cases contain 30 units. The other vendor, Dabist, also requires a minimum purchase of one case. However, their cases contain 25 units.

Cost per Min. Qty - The cost of a minimum purchase quantity. In our example, Bubblebox charges $240 per case while Dabist charges $209 per case. Remember that a case may be defined by the vendor, so the quantities are not necessarily equal.

Cost per unit - The cost per unit of the item.

MSRP - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.

Lead Time (days) - Lead time as measured in days. Decimals accepted for partial days.

Note that when the minimum purchase is the same as the selling purchase, some of this data will be the same.

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